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Portable shower chair

Shared by Ana Duarte on 2016-01-12 16:11

About the solution

“For nearly 36 years since my injury, traveling anywhere for more than a couple days posed some serious problems. On short trips I could stuff my non-portable shower chair into my van. Although I could usually get my chair over a toilet, rarely did I have access to a roll-in shower. I grew wary of the embarrassment from having a porter push my potty chair through parking lots and hotel lobbies”, Rick explained.

Rick then had an idea.

“I decided to contract a local welding shop to have it re-engineered to the point where it was, at the very least, safe to use and marginally comfortable. Even with their help the chair remained heavy, clumsy and would leak rusty water after every use. It was then that I realized that if this problem was ever going to be solved, I would need to solve it myself. With the assistance of an engineer from the Mars Pathfinder Science Team holding doctorate degrees from Harvard and MIT, I set out to design a portable shower chair that would be safe, lightweight, compact, comfortable, portable and easy to assemble without any tools. We succeeded! The portable shower chair worked great; so great that soon many of my friends wanted one too. The next thing I knew, I was unretired and had inadvertently began a new career in manufacturing.
I invented this portable shower chair to improve my life and increase my Independence”, said the inventor.
The GO! Anywhere® Portable Shower Chair is safe, lightweight, compact, comfortable, portable and easy to assemble without any tools.

Adapted from: https://goesanywhere.com/about-us/the-inventor-rick-goldstein/

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About the author

Rick Goldenstein, born in 1956, in USA, uses been a shower chair for more than 30 years. He created the GO! Anywhere® Portable Shower Chair, in 2005, so he can travel with his wheelchair

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