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Teen creates speech controlled robotic arm

Shared by Ana Duarte on 2016-11-23 15:54

About the solution

“There was this thing that hit me and I thought why not try to solve the social problems these children were having since I was part of the GISU robotics club. As we know robotics are playing a great role in our current day to day life. That's when I started working on solving their problems”, the student explained.

The arm can be used by people with physical disabilities and works by executing voice commands such as “open grip”, “raise shoulder”, etc, which allow the user to do things such as lifting a cup and food, and grab stuff.

Using the afterschool time, Alor started by using lego materials to create the structure of the human arm, and then switched to stronger materials.

“With the help of my Robotics teacher I found a computer program that links your VJOY to your microphone so instead of using a joystick you would just speak and the commands are run and all these are linked back with RobotC (this is what I use to programme my robot - PS it uses an NXT brick). So using these three programs I coded my commands that are to be set and run with in the nxt brick the robot arm was able to be functioned by just speaking whereby. You do not need your hands to do anything but just control every movement of the arm by just saying any given coded commands i.e Raise arm, Lower arm”, the inventor expressed.

Alor’s only goal is to help disabled people have a better life. “It will help to replace their hand that they have lost. They will be able to do thing with the arm like they are using their normal hand.

More info: http://bit.ly/2ggZZbh

Adapted from: http://bit.ly/2frgQaa

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About the author

Alor Luka Deng, born in Sudan, in 1999, is a student who lives in Uganda who created, in 2016, a speech controlled robotic arm when he met a seven year old boy who had no hands, after a visit to School for the Disabled.

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