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Dyslexic man invents app to cope with this condition

Shared by Ana Duarte on 2019-10-04 12:14

About the solution

Dyslexia Toolbox consists of a cross-platform mobile application with the goal of empowering dyslexics using cutting edge technology. It can be customised to suit the individual needs of each user.

“Rather than look at dyslexia as a ‘disorder,’ I prefer to consider it an ‘opportunity’ that has helped me to launch an innovative company that has the potential to change lives. As a person with first-hand dyslexia experience, I can really sympathise with the difficulties that modern technology presents. My driving inspiration was to develop innovative assistive technology that allowed dyslexics to reap the benefits of mobile technology and have more input in the industry as a whole”, the developer explained.

Dysliexia Toolbox features a camera that allows users to capture text and transport it into a font that is easier to digest – be it larger font, alternative typeface or substitute background colour. The app also includes reference points for word lettering orders, date formats and direction differentiation.

Gary founded his own company - Brainbook - in 2014, around the application.

The app is free (having some paid features) and available for iOS.

Adapted from: https://cisn.co/30MAul4

More info: http://www.brainbook.co.uk/

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About the author

Gary Smith, born in the UK, in 1990, developed Dyslexia Toolbox, an app to help dyslexics cope with their condition.

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